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10k-20k fittings catalog

Mento High Pressure Fittings

We offer a wide variety of high-pressure fittings ranging from 10k Psi to 20k Psi. We have the following standard fittings available for delivery.
  • Visual Index 10,000 Psi Fittings
  • Hex Nipples
  • Hex Nipples – Couplings – Cross
  • Reducers – Tees – Elbows
  • Fittings Elbows – Swivels
  • Plugs – Caps – Tees
If you are in need of customized fittings such as 15,000 Psi and 20,000 Psi, we can deliver them upon request. Some parts in stock


Actuators from Mento are easy to set up with a simple local interface which means you can perform any operation directly at the site The ELA actuator has a display that shows updated system information, and any important alarms are highlighted with visible icons. Internal circuits provide continuous system diagnostics and keep a log of all incoming information about operations. They are designed with a modular structure which makes them easily modifiable, and easy to update and replace parts. View the documents below for more detailed information about all our actuators

Arizona Arctic

Myk PVC slange med PVC Spiral. Spesielt godt egnet for det Skandinaviske klimaet. Suge- trykkslange for flytende væsker. Temperaturområde: -40

Arizona Superelastic

Kraftig PVC slange med PVC Spiral. Suge- trykkslange for septik, entreprenører, landbruk og industri. Temperaturområde: -25 °C 55 °C